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Baby Rowan
    Click here for aVideo of
Baby Rowan : Sunday June 4th.
Baby Rowan Video 2:Baby Rowan
June 13th 2006


Born May 13th 2006 ,Surrey Memorial Hospital, British Columbia Canada
Bathtime Sunday
June 13th, 2006
    To the Proud Parents:    
Richard and Alexis Cushnie

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Great Grandma Lillian
Born Feb 2 1913
July 2nd 2006
  The Proud Parents Rowan Cushnie   You know you
Love me!
Snuggly Goodness!  
  Her first car ride   Taking after Al Bundy...   She passed the
hearing test
  I think I'll keep her...  
  Ok Dad, I'm cold...   So very Cuddly!  

Two Cousins
admirering Rowan

  Bath time is fun!  
  Her new King size bed with toys  

I have these funny
things over Me!

  Rowan and Auntie Liz   Rowan and
Grandpa Wilf
  Go Ro, Go Ro, Go Ro!   So Lazy, but oh so cute!   We made it home
in one piece
  Proud Daddy!  
  More Sleeping..   Scarlett wants one now..   Showing her
true beauty!

Grandpa Newman,
Rowan and Mom

Hennie and Baby Rowan Baby Smile... 3 weeks old   Sleeping with Teddy In the Basket
Cute outfit!

Baby Stripes

Baby Wink



Rowan's Mittens

Great Auntie Jo-Ann +
Baby Rowan Mid May

Auntie Jo-Ann + Scarlett
Admiring Rowan

Auntie Jo-Ann + Scarlett
with Rowan

Mom and Baby Rowan
Visiting Friends
May 29th 2006

On Her Tummy
On My Yellow Blanket Amber and Rowan Katheryn,Sarah, Harlowe and Amber with Baby Rowan, Auntie Renee in the background Amber, Sarah, Harlowe and Katheryn holding Baby Rowan
Harlowe, Katheryn, Amber and Baby Rowan Nicky, Sarah and
Baby Rowan
Scarlett, Baby Rowan and Amber Baby Rowan, Mom and Scarlett
Dad and Mom with Baby Rowan and Scarlett Wilf, Grandpa Cushnie
and Baby Rowan

Auntie Liz , Grandpa Wilf and Baby Rowan Looking around
Auntie Jo-Ann and Baby Rowan Thinking about that
wonderful Milk
Bathtime with Mom Napping with Dad
Auntie Jo-Ann and Rowan at Family Shower Dad and Rowan Sooooooo CUTE! Sooooooo CUTE! Two
So Precious... Stretching Baby Love Baby Feet
  The Rear View   Sitting at the Window  
Cuddling on the couch
  Sleeping Beauty  
      June 17th 2006   June 18th 2006   June 25th 2006  










  Mom and Baby   Soooo...... Sleepy   The eyes have it!   Hi Mom!
  June 19th 2006   June 30th 2006   July 2nd 2006   July 11th 2006









Keeping cool at naptime All smiles! That was the funniest Joke I've ever heard!
July 10th 2006
I adore you
July 10th 2006
July 4th 2006 July 11th 2006
Keeping Cool Two Mom and sleepy Rowan My new soother
I Adore you two July 4th 2006 July 17th 2006
July 23rd 2006
July 11th 2006      
  More pics to come and maybe another video...!  
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