Down on All fours front cover Vol 1 picture of the head of a leopard in a tree  






Down on All Fours... is a presentation of a new and unique genre called the photo-poem: original poetry
further enhanced with beautiful photography. Poet G. L. Bass (the Ghostbear) ventures into the wilds of
Africa, through the forest and woodlands of Wisconsin, and across the wilds of British Columbia. Explore
the place where the heart and soul connect to nature and the spirits; through pictures and poetry discover
the way into the hearts and souls of wild animals.

Equally at home on the Serengeti plains and in the wilds of British Columbia, Bass has experienced fi ve
expeditions in Africa. Each work in this collection off ers a study of the relationship between nature and man
presented in the exceptional combination of words and photographs that comprise a photo-poem.

The Craft

The craft is of the spirit,
Carved in the bone,
Fashioned in the magic
Of a Botswana midnight dream,
An overwhelming Delta morning sunrise,
A seed planted
Somewhere in your heart,
Yet behind your eyes,
It grows its long roots
Deep down beyond the door-
Where your soul hides,
A bloom you know
That comes alive,
In each and every African Sunrise.

G. L. Bass (the Ghostbear) was a storyteller and a rebellious spirit, growing up in the woods of northern
Wisconsin. In the late 1970s, Greg transitioned from a teaching career to a business career. He is most
grateful and blessed for his wife, Heidi Ann, who has been his guiding light.



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