The Lions of Labala ...  
is about two brothers who are "marauders" or male lions who are not connected to a pride where the females do the hunting and the males protect the cubs. These are two large male brothers who are "prideless" and who must hunt and provide for themselves. They become fierce predators that are feared by almost all other species. They are hampered because of their size. They are not nearly as fast as females, and since they are alone, there are only two of them to hunt and bring down prey.While they are very large males, they must also be very careful .....continued below
Lion Brothers
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Lion Brothers
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....not to place themselves into battles where they risk injury or death. They have no friends besides themselves. While one or the other may go off on an amorous adventure with a wandering female, he will always return to his brother. Therefore, these marauders will focus on younger prey, like young, baby Giraffes, younger Cape Buffalo, etc. In this case, in Labala, these two large male brothers were stalking a herd of cape buffaloe (pictures included) with particular focus on the younger buffalo at the back of the  herd.  We followed them for nearly an entire day, and watched at they stalked along behind the buffalo herd. It became very obvious that they were going to make their charge after dark.  Lions have night sight, not at the same level as Leopards, but very good night vision all the same. Each of these males weighed somewhere between 450 and 600 pounds. Of course their weight will vary according to what and when they have had a successful hunt.