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My Fascination With You

By g.l. bass (the ghostbear still lives)

October 2010

For you if ever I see you again.


My fascination with you…….

Deeper than blood in my veins,

Deep within my bone marrow

Where history claws backward,

When the Ngorongoro was lush and green,

And the valleys ran deep

Among muscular volcanoes

Who’s voices rumbled

And thundered across the plains,

When I stood up

From down on all fours,

My fascination with you,

Beyond a tale,

But deep within my

Ancient primordial lore,

Both of us hunters,

In an ancient land

And time before.

My fascination with you,

All night we talked about you,

Where you might be,

Out there amongst the

Botswana storms.

Flashing in midnight skies,

Lightening and thunder,

I awoke at sunrise.

Amidst sun bows and rain.


We drove through gathering


The Okavango filling up,

Turning lush,

Down from Angola,

The creeping floods

Overwhelming the bush and plains,

Around the corner,

Over the earth bridge,

Where Lechwe, Kudu and Impala

Come together

Within morning’s first

Fiery red sun rise,

We thought,

Through binocular eyes,

Two Hyenas off on the rise,

Where marsh grows up

Into crowded bush and forest,

But no,

It was you and your concubine,

Still haunting the troop of Baboons.

They’re loud, low grunts, screams, rants and threats,

Railing through the thick bush,

And you,

A wraith out on the edge,

Slice off into the woods,

Your mate crouches and slides

Slipping away from the sun.

The hunt has begun.

My fascination with you,

On second look,

Our eyes are not deceived,

The truck leaps forward,

Through the pond,

Slithering through deep mud,

Up the rise,

Into the wood.


Our voices whisper in hurried,


Shouts of excitement,

As you flash,

On your hunt,

We’re hunting you,

Then suddenly,

The truck smashes through the bush,

Over atop downed tree trunk,

And there you are.


Your haunches facing us,

Looking back,

In mist and rain.

Your eyes gleaming,

Your deep coat shimmering,

Then, as if a forest ghost,

Your gone,

In leaps upward,

Through tangled limbs and branches,

High above us.


The truck groans up and over

Rock and mass of tree stump,

Above us,

You look down,

Your eyes wearing

Your killer’s sheen,

Yet in wonder,

Just as we wonder,

One hunter after another,

Our cameras clicking

Rapid fire picture machines,

Above us,

You remain a ghost in the rain.

My fascination with you….

In that moment of eye to eye,

My soul grows backward,

You are my mystery,

My heart climbs back through history,

Down on all fours,

Once again,

I search the treetops,

As the Baboons chant and threat,

I see you,

And hunter to hunter,

In humility,

I yield the hunt to you.

Far beyond my frailty,

You see through me,

You know who I am

From before,

When down on all fours,

I hunted and gathered,

And you,

The hunter who hunted me.

In that single moment,

Through my lens,

I sense again,

Deep beyond my veins,

Where bone marrow

Takes me back again,

In a time beyond and before,

Back through history’s door,

How you see me now

Is not different than then,

Not different than when

I was down on all fours-

My fascination with you,

Teaches me


And the truth,

In your killer’s beauty.








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