Abandoned Lines is a composition in three parts


It is the center piece of a book of poems that attempts to capture the character of the Texas people, as well as express and present the overwhelming aura that one feels from living in times when the Texas economy was in crisis.. It has several poems that lead in to the major work along with a progression of poems based on the adventures of two people, who search for their love, passion and compassion and were
literally trying to rebuild their lives. It was ironic that they moved to Texas, an area of the country that was in the process of "coming back," to rebuild their own lives. Perhaps one of the ironies was these two people
moved to a place where many had tried fresh starts, ranches, farms, new lives and lost everything..
Enjoy the exploration and adventure- g.l.bass (The Ghostbear.)



A Story in Poetic Form
About Emily Gray
1986/revised 2005
By g.l.bass



But a fingerpoint
Upon this flat-back,
Hard rock land,
The gray-boarded,
Small square house
Still stands
Amidst oil fields
Gone to farms,
Surrounded by “pumpers,”
Whose rusted arms
Serve only as memories
Contrasted against
Backdrops of neglected barns.

After so many sea-storm years,
The small gray house
Peers across “poor” fields.
Stripped of all but hardened fears.
Eyes without glass,
A roof sagged & low,
Its heart and walls vandalized,
The house remains forgotten,
Except by passer’s by
Along the road.

She has returned here.
Parked her car
Off to the corner
Of the lot
Behind bushes
Long overgrown.
She slips through rotted fence
And steals in secret
Across the lawn...


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