Love Pirates
By g.l. bass (the ghostbear still lives)
7/85-ed. 4/05
for Jeanie

Along beaches of January ice,
Paths through frozen sand,
We ventured hand in hand.
We measured life
In times of snow,
In times of storm,
In struggles against northern
We mapped love
Along trails
In Wisconsin’s
White winterland.

Blizzard warriors,
We pirated love secrets
Beneath woolen blankets.
We arose to mornings
Of frozen lakes,
Ice sculptures
Molded by storms
And warnings
Life was forever changed.
We traced love notes
With wet fingers
Across frost caked windows,
And made snapshot memories
Of snow layered rooftops
Sculpted by sharp cuts
Of the wind’s grasp and glutch.

We collected pocketfuls
Of winter love,
Down abandoned streets,
Through deserted towns,
Along frozen beaches,
Beyond the reaches
Of tears and frowns,
Only the lighthouse sounds
Accompanied us
As we mapped out new lifelines ,
Set our course on new times,
Marked in love’s
Street signs.
We planned
Our journey’s end
With promises only
To grow young again.

We left behind those
Frozen days.
We burned as many
Old remains as we could spare,
As many old secrets
As we could dare,
In the fire’s blaze,
One evening
Amidst an April’s
Evening haze.
We gave up caring
About struggles
Through cold and
Knee-deep storm.
We forgot and forgave
Within those flames,
We remained warm
In the burning of
Winter times and
Winter names.

In these Texas times,
We’ve boxed,
Bundled and stored
All of our old, cold
Blizzard ways.
We’ve gambled them all away
In trade for new ventures
Of river bends,
Of river winds,
And other river pirate friends.
Once winter warriors,
We’ve become love pirates
And chanced our lives
On new summer times.
We blaze new trails
Marked by Hill Country signs.
We measure life with new
Hill Country hearts
Set on destinations
Along Texas lifelines.

Summer leans,
Across these
Texas skies,
The journey of our lives,
We begin again,
River Pirate lovers
Where Hill Country currents meet,
Where stone bottom rapids wind,
And Texas times
Send us down rivers
Where life turns round
Yet another bend.
Waist deep in clear,
Cold river winds
We steal love
And new passions now in
Texas River Times.


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