By g.l. bass (the ghostbear still lives)
10/85 ed. 4/05
for Jeanie

We adventure
Into life’s wilderness.
We explore
Our worth.
Our finds?
Intimate treasures
We claim,
Who we’ve been,
We’ll not find again.

Life’s Safari,
Unlike cruises
Across the ocean,
The sea’s much wider,
The tide’s much stronger.
Life’s Safari,
Unlike expeditions
Up in the “Rockies,”
The climb’s much higher,
The cliffs much steeper.
Should you fall,
The cut’s much deeper.
The chances,
More treacherous
Than “dim” or “slim.”

Along these Texas highways
We venture,
Our life’s safari-
A lover’s expedition,
Pulled off the main road,
Hidden down a river’s
Washed-out trail,
Sheltered under arms
Of giant cypress-
We dare an escapade of guess,
A last chance of lover’s luck.
Who knows the odds?
Who knows the gambles,
Round the next curve,
Over the next hill?
We’re but strangers
In Utopia,
But Trespassers
Below trestles
Beneath Blue Mountain.

Our past?
Small memories,
Dry dreams
Of last year’s drought.
Our future?
Only tomorrow
Can answer.
Our today’s lost,
Somewhere among
Lost Maples.
Life’s Safari,
Unlike challenges
Of muscle & brawn,
Unlike struggles
Of “brave & strong,”
Our journey’s,
Of the heart.
Our endeavor,
To explore together
What past winter times
And winter crimes
Could not pull apart.
Our expedition’s
Of dreams fine lines,
Gambles of soul and mind.
Our Safari’s
A romance,
A lover’s last chance,
Ventured against
The wilderness
Of life,
And these
Texas River Times.

g.l. bass

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