Botswana Africa
leopard head in tree

Flying over Botswana is flying back into time. We flew from Johannesburg into Maun, and from Maun which is almost in the center of the great Okavango Delta Area. From Maun, the nine of us boarded a small single engine plane and flew up and out across the Okavango to a place called Kwara. Kwara camp lies an hour fly or so north of Maun.


2 Lions chasing a Giraffe
Leopards at Kwara Clcik on any image for more photos... Chase at Kwara Slideshow coming soon
Cheetahs of Lagoon   Lions of Labala Elephants at Labala
Lions & Leopards of Kwara   Wild Dogs of Lagoon   Hippos by Moonlight
    2 lions chasing Giraffe  

    Chase at Kwara   Giraffes at Lagoon   Zebra at Labala  
        sunset siloeted by tree    







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