Ghost of the African night

Secretive, solitary, reclusive, ghost of the African night, all of these describe the most difficult of African cats to find. For two days in and out of the bush along the Ewaso Nigre River I searched, tracked, and hunted a pair of Leopards that I was told had been seen in the area. The Leopard favors habitats where there are plenty of its favorite prey, Baboons, Impalas, Gazelles, Warthogs and other small land mammals. Leopards love Sausage trees because they are tall, wide, trees with large entangled limbs where hiding places as well as shelter from hot summer sun can be found..... More.

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Curious Princess
  Princess Lounging Princess Napping Princess Paws
  Princess Grooming Waking up In the Sunshine
  Regal Poise Leopard Walk
    Leopard Camouflage Leopard High Up Princess Decent
Leopard in The Grass

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