Lions of the Masai Mara

We had three days left on the ground in the Mara before we had to return to Nairobi. We had searched the highlands and nearly crossed over the border. Our search for Leopards and the “mystery pride” of the highland Lions had lead us down along the Tarek River, nearly back to the Mara River and then up across the highland plains. It was late in the day; a storm was developing far off in the western sky. It had begun to rain a couple of days before-fast moving, quick striking storms that rose up in black giants, driven by slick winds dumping bursts of rain across the plains...more

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  The Lion King   Lovers at Sunset  
  The Lovers   Lioness of the
Ewaso Nigre
  Lion King Profile   In the Shade  
    Lioness of the
Ewaso Nigre II
  The Lovers II  
    Posing on a Log   Two Brothers  
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