The Ungulates and Antelope

are part of a vast and wondrous community of multispecies that dominate the grassland plains, woodlands and bush areas of Africa. Antelope species range in size from the small four to five pound Dik-Dik that inhabits the bushland, to the large, up to two thousand pound, Eland. They are the grocery store on the hoof mammals that travel the land, migrate hundreds of miles and are a key to the Eco System of the Serengeti plains. They are said to range somewhere between the deer, goat and horse families. They all have some type of long straight or curved horn. They are grouped in subspecies, the Gazelle, long legged, beautiful animals with long hard dark horns, they can leap and be in full gallop in the flash of an eye...More

Hansome Waterbuck
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having Lunch
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Oryx in the Sun
Oryx, Stroll
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