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PhotoPoems is a new artistic expression, intergrating poetry and photographic art.
The expression combines naturalist photos and metaphorical poems related to themes
of life and the environment
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Down on all Fours
Available now at Barnes and Noble !
Down on all fours Vol 1 book cover- picture of a leopard's head in a tree  
Down on All Fours Volume I   Down on All Fours Volume II

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  Down on all Fours 7 days With Omari- An Adventure across the Serengeti  
  Leopard head in tree Lion headshot female  
  by g.l.bass (the ghostbear) by g.l.bass (the ghostbear)  
  Available in stores and on-line June 2011. Greg's next book- coming late 2011  
  Cliff with river and tree Wolf howling  
  Texas River Times Spirit of The Mountain  
  Male lion head Male Lion Head frontal Botswana Collage of Giraffes,Leopards,2 male lion heads,bee eater bird,sunset with with tree silhouetted Collage of botswana, giraffes, leopards male lion heads,colourful  bee eater african bird on branch, beautifl sunset with tree silloetted. pictures of greg basss photographer  
  Botswana Blowups Botswana  

Look for Greg's (the ghostbear) new book Down on All Fours from Trafford publishing.
Available in stores and on-line July 2011.

Save the Serengeti

The preservation of this primordial region is more of a step toward true progress than the idea of pavement
through the Seregenti plains- Greg L. Bass-the ghostbear.

Please feel free to contact me at poetlor@aol.com or click this link to sign the petition


Sabi Sands




Poems from The Ghostbear!
...comimg soon!

Poems from Heidi
...coming soon!



Princess of Samburu Nights

Special: You can have the PhotoPoem"Princess of Samburu Nights"
beautifully framed with the Photo for $350 + shipping and handling.Buy Now

Greg's dairies in Kenya

Adventure photo's and poetry combine to present stories of
African Safari's-Tanzania and Kenya-as well as excursions into Grizzly Bear country,
and tales of romantic travels and
trials in the wondrous Texas Hill Country.
PhotoPoems not only takes you around the world, but also takes you inside the heart,
inside the thoughts, and inside the secrets of characters you may identify with and relate to.
PhotoPoems is an exploration of beauty-and adventure to find truth.
The photo adventures as well as the poetry are available on CD.
You can experience the adventure of Africa, British Columbia, and even
capture a disc of Lighthouses or Waterfalls. PhotoPoems let's you discover a part of
yourself in each adventure. If you'd like a CD of the photo's, the poetry, and Greg's readings
you can order the entire experience as well. Welcome to PHOTOPOEMS-

Thank you from-The Ghostbear*!!!

Talented and gifted photographers associated with Greg:

David Anderson

Forward for "Down on all 4's" from David Anderson

Since life first began on Earth, approximately 3.5 billion years ago, the survival of a species has been determined by natural selection and environmental conditions. No one knows how many species once lived on “our” planet, or how many there are today. Estimates are that well over 99% of the species that once existed have gone the way of extinction.

Greg L. Bass book, “Down On All Fours,” presents thru the magic of his poetry and pictures the beauty of some of our most precious remaining species....continued

David Anderson
David Anderson Safaris
Santa Barbara, California

Buy Greg's book from Trafford publishing.

Available in stores and on-line April 2011.

Roy Toft

Forward for "Down on all 4's" from Roy Toft

From a young boy, nature and wildlife have always been my "thing". A twenty year career as a wildlife photographer has made nature and the great outdoors my office for as long as I can remember. Those of us who love nature, know it encompasses much more that what the eye can see or what the camera can capture. Greg Bass has an amazing talent to harness those other aspects of nature.....beyond the eye.....in his eloquent prose and poetry. His recent book "Down on all fours" takes the reader to another level in one's appreciation and reverence to nature and it's myriad of wonderful creatures.

I look forward to more adventures in the field with Greg where even aveteran nature
aficionado like myself can go to another level.

Roy Toft
Roy Toft photo Safaris

Buy Greg's book from Trafford publishing.

Available in stores and on-line April 2011.




*Ghostbears are otherwise known as Spirit Bears and can be found in British Columbia, they are a very
rare species of black bear that has mutated to white. Ghostbear is also the name used
for Shamans who were the historians and story tellers among the "People" or Lakota Sioux.


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The strange and beautiful thing about now is that it never leaves you and it doesn't change,

the field of now. Because the essence of now is the unconditioned consciousness, the field in which all phenomena happen.

Quote from Eckhart Tolle

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