A Brief biography of Gregory L. Bass:
Greg has completed three major works “Hill Country Inspirations,” “Texas River Times,” and “Fall of the Rose Petals Scatter of the Wind.”  Hill Country Inspirations was published in 1988 by Bandera Press, Texas River Times was considered for publication in 1990.  His most recent work “Seven Days with Omari”, the fascinating adventure of his photo safari in Africa, is still in progress. Greg originated PhotoPoems while working in his home state of Wisconsin and incorporated PhotoPoems while living in Texas. Greg is a graduate in literature and composition from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and taught composition for ten years prior to his business consulting career. Greg has been writing for over thirty years and active as a photographer for fifteen years. While in Wisconsin Greg also completed “Woodland Characters and Other Trails of life.”and
“Tales from the Ghost Bear,” is a continual work in process.

A word from Greg    


PhotoPoems integrates story poems with nature oriented photography. The photos enhance the energy of the poetry to express themes about life. The primary themes presented in “Hill Country Inspirations” presents a perspective of the relationship which exists between God, nature and man.    
The relationship between God, nature and man is intrinsic to the plan of the universe. An element which is foremost in this relationship is beauty. God does not create without the intent of beauty.
Man’s relationship to his natural surroundings is but a small thread in God’s intricate plan of the universe. Our realization of this relationship, between ourselves and the natural habitat we live in, from this perspective, is not only humbling, but also enlightening.
Should we concentrate the development of our future from the perspective that we are a part of nature, rather than “apart” from nature and understand this relationship as a part of God’s plan, our entire understanding of ourselves,of the natural world and the universe we live in, adorns an awakening of truth. 
    In this truth, beauty becomes of great value. Faith, in God’s plan is the first step we must take before our journey towards the future can “really” begin.      
It is imperative that those of us who believe in the intrinsic value of “wild things,” must work towards the establishment of  International Wild Life Sacred Areas, supported and protected as part of the United Nations charter amongst all nations.  Destruction of these “wild habitats” and “wild things” should be considered an international crime.  Unless we are able to relieve “wild places,” and “wild things,” from the threat of political encroachment they will continued to be endangered.   With every small loss of things “wild and free,” we lose a part of not only our humanity, but our souls as well.     
It is imperative as well that we protect with the same relentless vigor the right of those native peoples and their cultures who are part of those Sacred areas.  From the “People of the American Plains,” to the Inuit, the Aborigines, and the Masai, people such as these teach us the truth of our sacred and ancient relationship with our natural environment.  
Masters Of Science in Health Care Administration- Cardinal Stritch University.
Graduate Work-Creative Writing-Vermont College
Graduate Work-Theology-Trinity University
Bachelors of English/Literature & Composition –U.W. Whitewater
Underwriting Certifications-Northeastern University
John Muir
Aldo Leopold
David Wagoner
Henry David Thoreau
Robert Frost
Edgar Allen Poe
George Santayana
David Adamani, PhD
Luther Standing Bear
Thanks to Nikon for the perfection they bring to my art and humble talents.
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