The bear is a very powerful symbol and image,
often considered among Native American tribes
as related to humans because bears can stand and walk on two legs.

The spirit of the bear represents someone who is courageous, but also has balance and harmony.

The spirit of the bear also possesses strength and stamina. While being in balance and harmony with nature, and being strong and courageous, the spirit of the bear also represents patience and wisdom. You will note in my works, the development of the character of the bear is all these things personified. You will note that I regard Luther Standing Bear, a chief of the Lakota’s as one of those who influences my thinking and work. Luther Standing Bear has several books that detail the life of the Lakota’s, who are often referred to as “the people,” or the “human beings.”

The Ghostbear is a Shaman

who not only has the spirit of the bear, but who also can relate to those spirits who have passed on to another life. He is responsible for maintaining the knowledge of the ancestors and relating it to future generations through songs, stories, and tales. Therefore, some of my poems are headed, “the ghostbear still lives,” as a tribute to these wise men who lived as courageous warriors, but who were also wise in the understanding of the balance and harmony between “the people” and nature. Men who I would consider as men of the spirit of the bear include John Muir, Aldo Leopold, Henry David Thoreau, and of course Luther Standing Bear. One day, if I am blessed, I will also be remembered as a man who is of "the spirit of the bear". Glb.






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