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I. Unframed original signed and dated photo only
B. 16 x 24: $350.00
II. Framed original signed and dated photo in Large African wood design frame only
B. 16 x 24: $600.00
III. Framed original Photo in Large African wood design frame with a PhotoPoem:
B 16 x 24: $700.00

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Africa Slide show: more than 250 photos with commentary

from Greg and readings of his African poetry
Texas River Times: Romantic adventure of 2 lovers starting a new life together.
  • includes poems and photos of Texas Hill country and readings from Greg
Abandon Lines: A poetic composition in three parts.
and is the center piece of a book of poems that attempts to capture the character of the Texas people,
as well as express and present the overwhelming aura that one feels from living in times when the
Texas economy was in crisis.. It has several poems that lead in to
the major work along with a progression
of poems based on the adventures, and search for their love, passion and compassion of two people who were
literally trying to rebuild their lives. Includes photos and a reading of the entire story compostion from Greg
British Clolumbia: and the Canadian Rockies provide glacier filled range
after glacier filled mountain range. Peaks in the sky, rivers of ice, and waterfalls plummeting hundreds of feet down mountainsides. Pristine forests of steeple high pines and hemlocks, lost lakes, and a coastline of islands, inlets, and mountain range spectacles.Includes readings and poems from Greg
Eagles: Each and every year Wisconsin is blessed by the return of the Eagles.
They fish along where open waters flow. Once, across from the locks at Guttenberg, Iowa I counted 32 Eagles in a single tree, holding out during a snow storm. Each year I travel there to find the great American Bald Eagle and spend a few days watching, admiring, and shooting film. Includes unigue photos and the poem,
"Where eagles fly". plus a reading and selected poems from Greg.

Beacons or Lighthouses: Lighthouses inspire a poetry all their own.

Each has their own story, their own place in history, and they are endeared by many.
From Door County coastline to Split Rock on Superior. . The term Beacon comes from the
original light that was developed in France that used a whole series of lenses that

looked like prisms and jewels. Lighthouses inspire almost a spiritual beauty, and ambience.
Includes photos and poetry readings and poems from Greg


Waterfalls The power, the majesty, the roaring song rivers pouring their
hearts and souls out over and down cliffs and mountains, is almost spiritually invigorating. From the waterfalls along the Iron river that runs north out of the great Hemlock forests into Lake Superior, to the waterfalls out of the Canadian Rockies, to the Great Niagara Falls.... pictures here tell you stories of Waterfalls. Includes readings and poems from Greg

Landscapes: The landscape art presented on this CD takes you from Wisconsin winter marshlands
to the African Plains. You're also provided the beauty of British Columbia mountain ranges to
the cliffs and wild rivers of the Texas Hill country. Includes photos and poetry readings from Greg

Poems From The Bear:The bear is a very powerful symbol and image, often considered among
Native American tribes as related to humans because bears can stand and walk on two legs.
The spirit of the bear represents someone who is courageous, but also has balance and harmony.
One day, if I am blessed, I will also be remembered as a man who is of "the spirit of the bear". Glb.
You Choose: Choose an assortment of 10 of your favorite Photopoems or
Greg will choose 10 of his favorites. Includes poem pages with photos and readings from Greg of each poem.
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