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Canopies of 100 foot cypress trees keeping secret pools of spring fed rivers that are clear, deep and clean, is absolutely beautiful and amazing.

The Hill Country is really an ancient Mountain Range now eroded to elevations from 2000 to 5000 feet . The entire region sits on top of deep ancient aquifers that lay hundreds and sometimes thousand of feet below the rocky terrain. Wading and exploring the rivers you’ll find springs blowing out into the river –the springs are fresh, cold, and pure water.

Living in this unique paradise of Texas Hill country are people who are resilient, tough, yet compassionate, and yet, straight forward. While living there, near Bandera, atop a very high river bluff along the Media River, I was constantly amazed, in awe of the beauty, and grew to love the people who are honest, down to earth, practical and faithful. The photo’s presented here an attempt, in a humble way, to capture the personality and character of the Hill Country and its people.


I hope you enjoy the readings and the viewing. g.l.bass-(the ghostbear).
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