I’ve Forgotten My Camera Again

By g.l. bass (the ghostbear still lives)
July 2005



I’ve forgotten my camera again,

Rusted-red freighter strikes a pose

Against backdrop city of Boston

Set against a canvas of bright blue sky

And white whisps of cloud

Above the green sea of

Boston’s harbor bay.

The moment,

Like so much I’ve gotten used to-

At this stage of life-

Lasts but for an instant,

One finger push and click

Of the camera,

A snap shot of beauty,

Floating upon the waters of life.

But I’ve forgotten my camera again.


The freighter’s gone,

But the image remains.

Years and years gone by,

The moment’s past

But the image remains-


A library full of pictures,

Stories, tales, and adventures.


I’ve loved a great many,

But my library of

Images and memories

Lies in clutter like

Newspaper in the wind-

Blown across the

Wide waters of

Boston harbor,

Without direction-

Played from time to time

By a jealous, crafty muse,

Who teases me,

Grabbing this image,

That memory,

This tale,

That story,

She plucks them,

Puts them in her box,

And turns it upside down

In a myriad clutter of inspiration

I can’t let go.

Puzzles that haunt me.



Across the isle,

At a table of family and friends,

A beautiful Chinese girl

With flashing eyes,

Quick movements,

And a sensual, soft voice,

Smiles with me

Eye to eye,

Then looks past me

Catching the picture

Of the freighter against

The Boston Harbor canvass.


A moment,

I grab and tuck into

The clutter of

Images saved


Amongst the myriad

Scattered in the library

Of my thoughts.

Capturing beauty’s

A constant, life-long work

You cannot choose,

But are bound to do.

There is no rest from it,

It is an element of your soul.



I’ve forgotten my camera again.

The moments pass,

But the images remain-

Each a small regret,

A picture,

A story,

In it’s own time, place,

And memory frame.