by g.l. bass
for Sharon




Patterns of life:

Veins of time.

Vines intertwined,

Out from the root

They shoot survival lines.

Each demands a space

For their own kind.

County trunks

Off the main road,

Patterns of life

Stretch, twist and turn

Spun to the future,

Yet always backward

They yearn.

Leaning ahead

But always,

Searching for the

Beginning of the mysterious


Who was the gardener

Who first sowed,

The seed from which

We all have grown?



Patterns of life:

Tiny fingers draw

Life in lines,

They define times

Simple & small.

Their scrawls

Do not consider

Complications at all.

They're the beginning

Blossoms at the

End of our times.

The first buds of

Flowers who continue our

Ever growing vine.



Patterns of life:

Fathers & Mothers,

Sisters & Brothers,

Husbands & Wives,

Patterns of life,

Tied & woven,

Just as seeds are sown,

Families are grown.

Generation to generation

Patterns of life are


Patterns of life are torn.

Patterns of life are worn,

We carry each a vow

Of the first promise sworn.


Patterns of life:

Love binds lives

Spun together,

Good seed and bad,

Woven by threads

Like intricate webs

Tied in bridges

From time to time.

Whether we cherish

Or deny,

Life in itself

A truth applied.

Our intentions

And designs

Matter little

Over time.

Love chooses it


And places a mark

On the heart

Of its own kind.


Patterns of life

Appear not planned.


It is simply

We need not understand.

For life lines in time

Are sown true and fine,

By hands far greater

Than any man's,

With purpose in

Each and every tie

That binds.


Patterns of life

Veins of blood in time,

Names like yours and mine.

From the first hand that planted,

To the seed that now grows,

The cause of the beginning,

Is the purpose of the end.

Patterns of life flourish

By love and what love intends.

Patterns of life are nourished

By love and on what love depends.

Faith, love, and hope,

Our beginning,

Our reason,

Our end.