A Silent Beckoning
By glbass-the ghostbear still lives
For Alannah

Written in 2000

Close your eyes and there is a path,
That wanders through tall pines
Who stretch their arms and touch
Just gently in the wind.
Their arms are snow covered
In new, heavy white cloaks
Almost as if they’re holding
Hands and making a tunnel
And the tunnel is deep white,
Pure and forever.

We are walking in deep snow,
We are walking toward the path,
We stop, and it seems as though
There are voices who whisper
They whisper soft, low,
Their secret wind through the pines,
A silent beckoning
Beckoning you and I
Down the path
Through the tunnel
Into their voice
And they are waiting
They are waiting for us.

The cold is clear
It crystalizes new snow.
We can see our breath
Like small clouds
That disappears into
The snow cloaked arms
Of tall pines above us.
We are close, your hand in mine,
And we are walking slowly,
Down through the tunnel
Listening to whispers
Wind out of the throats
Of tall snow covered pines.
You turn to me, press yourself
Against me,
We kiss a deep, gentle,
Long kiss, our breath
Flowing inside of each other,
And our silent voice
Together raises up
To join the whispers of the pines.

A silent beckoning
That brought us here
As we walk out of sight
Down the path and disappear
It is a silent beckoning
That draws us down this path
Cloaked in deep white.
It is a silent beckoning
That draws my heart to you
And your heart to me.
There are no secrets
Down through the tunnel
Where all secrets are shared.
And love abounds
Amongst tall, silent
Worshippers who whisper
In voices
“The spirit of love
Has passed through
This virgin place,
And we have awakened
To a new day
A new time,
And life begins again.”

It is a silent beckoning
That calls me home to you.