By g.l.bass
Winter 1992

Teach me humility:
Beneath the sun’s rise,
Above mountains,
Amidst ice blue skies,
Let me feel
The first touch,
When warm sun runs silent finger streams
Down beneath sifted bedded fallen leaves
Into the thick body of dark wooded forests.

Spun down through gowns
Of layered white clouds,
In threads of
Golden streaks
It follows seams
Down until its sheen
Filters through shrouds
Of frozen haze.

Winter sun,
Your warmth heals,
My heart feels
Winter’s time
Unwound and undone.
Simple now,
Paths I followed
Sewed years upon years,
And twist upon twist,
Through tangled hardwoods,
Unwind as if
An old man’s hands,
Worn wise over time,
Have untied them,
Simply because
The lesson is,
I’ve learned not to deny them.

Teach me humility,
Let me crawl down
Within the arms of the woodlands.
Let me feel the palms
And shadows of their hands.
Let me lie down amidst their trunks,
And listen
To their fallen dead.

Let me follow frozen rivers
Up their deep hard sides,
Beyond where their blood is bled
To secret caverns where their soul
Is fed
Until I can climb
Within the pure spring thoughts
Of their head.

Let me dig beneath this heartland
And find where the bear,
The deer, and the wolf
Have made their beds.
Let me draw my soul
From out of myself,
And like pure spring water
Seep into the womb
Where frozen earth,
Fire of rock,
And soul of wind is wed.

Let me ride the spirit of shadows
Upon the night,
To find where all things
Take root and are born new life.
Let me become nothing,
Deepest darkness,
Until I am but one in new light.

Allow me to be
The dry cry of the wolf.

Allow me to be
The hollow song
Of the owl.

Allow me to be
The high, shrill shriek
Of the hawk.
Allow me to be the last song
Of flint upon the stone.

Allow me to grasp the past
Within the grip of my palms,
To cast out the nets
And feel the same cuts
As the fisherman
Christ called
Just before dawn.

Teach me humility
So that I may see
Beneath the want of me.
Teach me humility,
To drop all my nets
Into the sea,
To give up
As it used to be.
Teach me your Humility
To give
as you gave to me.