My Captain
by g.l.bass


( Sandy)

My Captain,
When I abandon thee
My life’s a Tempest
Tossed sea.
In humble prayer
I come before you,
Unworthy and in need.
You place your hand
Upon my heart,
And a calm
Washes over me.

My thoughts
Were wracked
By wickedness and lust,
Your word cleansed
My soul
And turned
My sins to dust.
A blind man
I wandered,
A cold, empty heart,
My life wretched apart.
But a lost soul
In a lost land

My Captain,
Your voice
Opened my heart
To understand.
You caused my eyes to see.
Your course
Is the source
Of my destiny.

A search for beauty
Is life’s journey
Yet set
Before me.
I am but a sailor
My course ‘gainst
Struggle and strife
One storm of many
Upon the sea of life.

My Captain,
I accept your course
As my destiny.
Through faith
My calling becomes
Beyond a journey:
An adventure
I must courage,
A discovery I must find.
The truth you promised
A map
In the Word
Through time.

My Captain,
You have marked the course,
Your hands my guiding force.
Through your word
I shall be,
A sailor set forth
‘Cross life’s sea.
By faith in the Sun,
There shall never be
A storm
Ever so dark,
I cannot sail
The blackest night,
A pilot in faith,

My Captain beside me.