Off the Edge
By g.l.bass
(the ghostbear still lives)


Off the edge
Balancing thousands of feet
Above flat turquoise lake,
The Glacier's reflection spreads
Shore to shore,
Mountains hold glacial ice,
Millions of years old,
Running down in
Streams from underneath
Slowly sliding
Rock and quartz
Weight of ice and snow.
Mountains hold
All the world
In the palm of their heart,
Looking down
You seamlessly fit
Into the mountains eyes,
Wide, white
Mouth of glacier,
Looking back at you.
Moments on edge,
You feel cold winds
Swirling up, across glacial ice,
Spun down from Mountains
Snow crest,
You feel as though
You could lift your arms
And fly.

If ever a heart were free
It is yours,
Standing on the edge,
Looking down,
Cold winds climbing ,
Washing you up
And you can't even
Hear yourself think.
But if you could,
You know you'd be
Wondering about
The flight of eagles
Above peaks of snow,
And you'd know why,
They fly.

If ever a heart were free,
It is yours,
Standing on the edge,
Looking down,
Looking back across
Your trail where
Climbing boots carried you
Safely over and through
Deep glaciers grasp
In the middle of summer.
If only
You could see
All of your life
Like you saw your trail
On that day.
Below you
Each and every reflection
Was so clear,
Truth was a mirror,
And the mirror's reflection
Had nothing to do with you.
It was all of life for millions
Of years,
Cast right back up
For you to see,
For you to feel,
And the song in the wind
Was so clear, so cold,
You could only listen
And try to remember
It's melody
Of wind,
Falling water,
Crisp true and forever.
Truth was never so clear
Right before your eyes
And you knew
You wanted to spread
Your arms like Eagle's wings

If ever you remember,
Somewhere in the back
Of your memories,
Any small truth about me,
Of all the trails of truth
You ever traveled,
I was the one
Standing on the edge,
Looking down,
And eye to eye,
I was the one,
Who dared you
To never fear,
But always seek
Truth in the wind,
Because if ever
There was a heart that was free,
Your heart safe upon the wind
Out across the sky,
Do not fear,
Truth is clear
If you're willing
Take it to heart