The Visionary

By g.l. bass
(the ghostbear still lives)

March 2004

As the world is,
To me, I tend
to see life differently.
Perspectives from a
higher plane,
I find logic’s
but a survival game.
As a visionary,
My point of view,
Always tends to be something new.
I’m often accused
Of being above and beyond,
I’m not used to ideas
Very close to the ground.

As the world is,
To me,
Pure at heart,
Very sensitive
To the plight of Trees,
And stories wind written
Upon their leaves.
I care deeply about
A river’s source,
Turns in trails,
And changes in the sun
Of course.

As the world is,
To me,
Life on the simple, humble side,
I keep a watch for hungry pride.
Given my taste
In landscape art,
I hate to waste
Any small part
Of views on beauty,
Yet I’ll confide,
I’d just as soon
Keep such debate in stride,
It’s just a matter of
From a taller plane,
Because life really depends
On Spring blossoms,
New flowers,
Summer storms and
Seasons of rain.

As the world is,
To me,
Above the trees

Has it’s own story,
Deep inside my view,
I’m sensitive
To those few,
Who live life
On different plains,
Often times
It’s very lonely
When simply put,
View of life
Is from a higher plane.