By g.l. bass (the ghostbear still lives)
Dedicated to Terry Moore


Times of change are upon us.
Hickories’ crowns all golden
Drift down,
Oaks auburn arrays cover
Their thick-skinned ways,
And Maples who remind
Us all,
Red runs much deeper
These days,
Than common wooded ways
Would tend to believe.
Forest life unfolds
Paths and trails
We never thought
Would be exposed.
All about the forest floor,
Fallen colors worn before
In glory and honor
That allows
Us all to see
Who we chose to be
Before now.

Times of change are upon us.
Shadows long stretch beyond
Every bend and turn.
They follow us down round
Trails from which we learn,
Dark hours are times better
Left behind.
As woodland steeples
Let drift and fall
All their dense mysteries
That hid the sky,
We find its time
Regrets, old dreams,
Yesterday’s hopes
And paths we just could
Not find,
Really are better let loose
To drift and fall
On our mind.

In the mirror I am
Not who I was yesterday.
Tomorrow I will not be
Who I am today.
But in my heart
Memories of paths and trails
Are lessons
Prayers answered,
Not in mine,
But in God’s way.
Times of change are upon us.
The forest lets drift and fall
All we believed true yesterday,
But today,
All about the forest floor
We find from pieces of life
Left behind
Spirit, heart, and love
Are the only truths that
Map our paths in time.