Each and every year Wisconsin is blessed by the return of the Eagles.

While there are parts of Wisconsin Eagles inhabit year around, they do not appear in the numbers they occur in when they migrate from Alaska, and the Canadian north to Wisconsin in the winter months. Eagles return to the great Mississippi River way that snakes the boundary between Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Each and every year Eagles return to roost and settle in for the winter.
They fish along where open waters flow. Once, across from the locks at Guttenberg, Iowa I counted 32 Eagles in a single tree, holding out during a snow storm. Each year I travel there to find the great American Bald Eagle and spend a few days watching, admiring, and shooting film of them.

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Eagle Look
Fishing over the Mississipp

Eagle Wingspan
Osprey over Sanibel I
  Osprey over
Sanibel II

Thru the Trees
Osprey Talons

Osprey Nest
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