Kenya is a fascinating, large country....

in eastern middle Africa and is approximately 400 miles long and 350 miles wide. It is a land of high mountainous areas and deep, low rift valleys where great savannah areas roll in high plains, dip down into wide river beds and marshlands, and then climb into high hills. Mount Kenya is snow covered year round and challenges Mt. Kilimanjaro for the highest mountain in Africa. Kenya is a much more highly populated country than Tanzania where I visited in 2003. Nairobi, the largest city is over 3 million people. Nairobi is nearly 35 square kilometers in size and is a scrambling, busy, commercial center. Yet, at night, it is a large lawless city with danger lurking in many corners..

The reserve and wild life protected areas I traveled to were Samburu and Buffalo Springs, the Shaba Reserve, Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara. My search goals were to find Leopards and Rhino as well as experience the Great Migration moving south-back to Tanzania once again. ...more

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