Graceful, compassionate...

almost docile creatures of the wild short-grassed plains.
Cheetahs are the fastest and most fluid of all predators on the plains. They’re vision is eight times that of humans, and they are built for speed. For hours my guide Omari and I observed a pair of Cheetahs resting and watching out from a large rock in the Gola Kopje region. They interacted in unison, one watching 180 degrees in one direction, and one watching 180 in another direction. They were watching herds of different Gazelles and Antelopes spread out over a vast landscape marked by Kojpes (Large rock islands) that spattered the plains. They interacted compassionately, and with a docile, attentive way toward each other. I hope you can see and catch their spirit in the pictures presented here- enjoy.
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Princess of Taranguire

Kopje Twins Eye to Eye
Partners on the Plain Looking Over Standing on Red Earth
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