Hyenas are an amazing species.

They’re larger than you think,
125-200 pounds, they move in a very stealthy manner, almost as if they’re stealing something, which they usually are. They’re also a very efficient and effective predator. They literally will eat anything. Usually nocturnal, they gather into packs that are lead by an alpha at night during hunts, and then they disperse to find shade and a cool place to rest during the day. They are the garbage men of the Serengeti. While I was in the Crater I learned of a study occurring that was researching the Hyena’s immune system. They eat and digest anything and everything including all kinds of diseased animals and carnage, yet they don’t get sick.

They digest everything as well, and therefore they are a marvel in terms of their digestive and immune systems.
They have a rather unique relationship with Ant Eaters who dig deep dens to live in. The Hyenas take over these dens, dig them out broader and sleep there during the day. The primary type of Hyena I saw were Spotted Hyenas or (Crocuta Crocuta) One morning, in the Tarangire, I was awakened by a couple who were all around my tent.
I awoke and turned my lantern on, they disappeared.
Their whooping and laughing sounds are erie and evocative to say the least.


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