The Giraffe is the world’s tallest mammal and is adapted uniquely
to the areas of the Serengeti.

Giraffe’s can weigh up to 5000 pounds. They are a quiet, almost shadowy
Character on the Serengeti. They usually travel in pairs or small groups. They have a
Unique relationship with elephants. They travel with or along side the herds for protection
Especially when they’re going to drink. When Giraffe’s drink they have to spread their legs
And place themselves in a very vulnerable position. Elephants form a protection for them.
Omari, (my guide) and I chanced upon, what he called, one the tallest old guys he had ever seen
-20 feet or more eating from the top of a tree. You’ll see him here as well as others.
I was also fortunate enough to actually capture a picture of Giraffes traveling with Elephants.
I saw two types: the Rothschild's and the Reticulated--Enjoy.



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      Eating Thorns   A Pair  
      Four in a Row   The Stretch  
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