Different species of Antelope are the predominant mammal
anywhere you travel in Tanzania

Each species has a different Swahili name. The most abundant on the Serengeti plains are the Wildebeest or Gnu’s. There is a separate section on the Wildebeest.
Antelope species can range in size from the very large Eland (up to more than a ton), to the very small, Kirk’s Dikdik (3 to 5 pounds and 12-18 inches in height).
Large numbers of Gazelle also range over the Serengeti. Here you will see Impala, Dikdik, Eland, Topi, Hartebeest, Reedbuck, Waterbuck and the Steenbok. Nearly always, these animals travel in groupings or herds. In some cases in large numbers, except for the Dikdik, who travel in pairs. Enjoy your visit, the pictures, and see if you learn the difference species you see here-
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Gazelle Pair Waterbucks in
      Eland   Waterbuck Stag Curious Reedbuck Gazelle+Hitchhiker        
Kirk's Dikdik Impala        
        Elands and Kojpe     Topi Herd          
            2 Gazelles            


While in the Taranguire Park, I witness the most unique symbiotic relationship between the Impala and the Baboon. They travel together, the baboons act as the sentinels and alarm for the Impala. Shortly after I witnessed this traveling arrangement, just up the road, I ran into a very large Cheetah resting on a bank of red earth.

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