Zebra's are everyone's good neighbors.

I fell in love with Zebra's because they are the sentinels,
the watchers, and the scouts of the Great Migration. Twice a year, over a million Wildebeest, and a couple hundred thousand Zebra migrate across the plains. The migration is truly the food chain on the move. Zebras usually stay close to the perimeter of the great herds, send out scouts, and watch for predators as the herds move. Predators such as, Lions and Leopards,also Hyenas, and others prey upon the herd. If they spot what they feel is threatening, they will stop, bunch together and form a unit that literally looks out from a 360-degree perspective. They will bunch so tightly together that it is almost impossible to tell how many
there are, who's who, what legs belong to who, and who’s eyes are watching you from one minute to the next.

Zebras are everyone's good neighbor on the plains of Africa

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Zebra Reflect

Zebra Crossing

Flamingo Saunter

Zebra Stallion

Zebra Migration


  Zebra Patrol

  Baby Zebra

  Mom + Colt

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