My first experience at Redd’s Mountain Lodge (Coffee Plantation)
was with a Vervet Monkey

who was eating the fruit off a Sycamore Fig tree. He dropped a few morsels down on me while I was eating my breakfast. Vervet Monkeys and Chacma Baboons were found throughout all the areas of Tanzania I visited. Vervet Monkeys are very adept in trees, solitary monkeys, who do have families, but are often seen by themselves. Baboons are always in Troops, large gatherings that travel over broad areas. I had to stop along the road up to mountain to the Ngorongoro Crater to allow a large troop to pass. In Taranguire, I stopped to watch an amazing battle between two large males who chased each other and fought over a large area. The rest of the troop stopped, waited and watched. When it was over, and one male had been severely punished for his “sins” they moved on traveling with a band of Impalas.
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        Here's lookin at U     The Gathering   Vervet Monkey profile  
        Baboons on the Road     Baboon on a Limb   Prince of the Troops  
          Mom+Baby   The Grooming Vervet Monkey  
  Can you see me now

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