In this section you will see some intriguing shots:

Eyes of Hippos in the Hippo pond in the Ngorongoro Crater, A Marabou Stork attempting to “horn in” on the remains of kill surrounded by several Nubian Vultures, a pair of beautiful Crowned Cranes perched high atop a dead Acacia, A reclusive Leopard just trying to stay out of the path of an Elephant herd traveling down river,a large Rhino who stood up and made a couple of passing Cape Buffalo know “who’s the boss,”here, as well as several other interesting Photos of different characters of Africa. Each has it’s own intriguing story you’ll find in the book 7 Days with Omari. For example, the “Hole in One,” is the picture of a sausage tree that had a large termite mound next to it. The mound had been destroyed by elephants, and they had literally rubbed a hole completely through the center of the tree. Enjoy, and if you have questions-write to me-the ghostbear.

Lion in the Brush   Click any image for a larger view    
Crown Cranes

Who's Boss

Wild Boar Stork + Friends Hippos
  Mid day Rest Fishing eagle Hole in One
      At the River Bright Plains
    Rhino Profile

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