Wildebeest or otherwise known by the Tanzanians as Gnus

are the Serengeti food chain on the move. Twice a year, over a million Wildebeest migrate from the southern plains and woodlands of the Serengeti, to the northern plains. The migration occurs in March and April just before the rain season in the South
and then again in September and October at the onset of the dry season.
The Wildebeest Swahili name means made by committee, because the animal has a head like a buffalo, a body like a horse and legs like a deer/antelope.. Enjoy your view of the Serengeti’s most striking and awesome ecological event that literally defines the vast ecology of the plains.

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  Baby Wildebeest   Wildebeest Herd
    Wildebeest Mist Wildebeest
Purple Haze
Wildebeest on Burnt Grass
Wildebeest Facing You
Huddling for Shade

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